Edited Collections

“From the vital crosscurrents of the “meeting of lyric and language” almost 20 years ago, this third volume offers an acute portrayal of diversities and similarities in esthetics and politics in contemporary poetry. It invites readers’ interactions from beginning to end—through adroit editorial comments, the breadth of poets’ poems and statements, and critical prose. The wealth of lineages in American poetry continues to emerge.”

—Linda Russo

“This book gives us two outstanding works in one: a fine and selective anthology that’s also a critical introduction to some of the most provocative, and some of the most original, poetry out there (in several senses of ‘out there’) today.”

—Stephen Burt

American Poets in the 21st Century offers an intelligent map of innovative currents within the recent generation of U.S. poets. Rankine and Sewell have made a brilliant selection among poets for whom linguistic experiment, public critique, and lyric expressivity are no longer antagonists.”

—Michael Davidson

Contributions to Collections

“Post-Millenial Women’s Poetry,” Cambridge History of Twentieth Century American Women’s Poetry, edited by Linda Kinnahan, Cambridge University Press, (2016).

“Feminist Poets,” Cambridge Companion to American Poetry Post 1945, Jennifer Ashton ed., Cambridge University Press (2013).

“The Ghazal,” A Companion to Poetic Genre, Erik Martiny, ed., Wiley-Blackwell, (2012).

“‘Needing Syntax to Love’: Expressive Experimentalism in the Work of Brenda Hillman,” in American Women Poets in the Twenty-first Century, eds. Claudia Rankine and Juliana Sphar, Wesleyan University Press (2002).